ARCOMNET provides a range of access plans to suit the widest range of needs, from the casual user who requires access on demand on a casual basis, to the users who need to be online for long periods of time. For our business users, we can tailor a plan to meet your specific needs.

Account Setup Fee $44 once off
20 hours $22
26 hours $27.50
55 hours (Bonus 6 hours) Total 61 hours $60.50
100 hours (Bonus 15 hours) Total 115 hours $110
200 hours (Bonus 30 hours) Total 230 hours $220
Purchase 100 hrs for $110 and we will waive the $44 setup fee.

Reliable and fast Internet Access is now available from only 1.4 cents per minute! 

As a casual ARCOMNET customer you are in complete control of your Internet access. You prepurchase the time that you want to use and as long as you have some prepurchased time, you can connect at any time. Casual account users have full, unrestricted access to the Internet. There are no credit card surprises with a casual account because all your time is prepurchased. There are no “Use it or Lose it’ monthly commitments and no minimum monthly spend, use the time when you want to.

Each day that you log on, our system sends you an e-mail telling you how much time you have used and how much time you have remaining. This ensures that you will never run out of time because you will always know how much time you have remaining.

Your casual accounts also has the following features:

  • Free e-mail addresses for each immediate family member
  • Web Based e-mail Access
  • Free Phone and e-mail Support
  • 20 Mb Free WWW Space for Personal WWW Sites
  • No Download Charges
  • No Disk Quotas
  • No Hidden Charges or Contracts
  • Complimentary Business Listing
  • Unlimited Free Classified Ad Listings
  Account Setup Fee Monthly Access Free Data p/m Excess Data
$21.95 Gopherit $44 once off* $21.95 p/m 100 Mb $0.28 per Mb
$43.95 Gopherit $44 once off* $43.95 p/m 200 Mb $0.28 per Mb
* Does not apply for existing ARCOMNET members. * All charges include GST.

Due to the demand for this style of account, we have introduced our “Gopherit” account for all those users who need to be online for long periods of time. As the name suggests, from as little as $21.95 per calendar month, you can spend as much time on the Internet as you want to.

This account is designed to allow you to use all the Internet you want, whenever you want, for as long as you want.

Obviously with this style of account there must be some conditions and this is no exception. Our experience has been that these conditions affect very few people who are already enjoying the benefits of this account.

  1. To ensure that all ARCOMNET users are treated fairly, during busy periods we will disconnect any “Gopherit” user who has been online for longer than 2 hours. Our busy period is between 8 PM to 11 PM. You will not be disconnected outside these hours or if you have been online less than 2 hours.
  2. Each “Gopherit” account has a data allowance each month. This data allowance includes all data delivered to your modem from our system. Once you have used your allowance for the month we believe you should not be restricted in any way and will continue to provide unrestricted access to the Internet, but we will charge $0.28 per additional megabyte in excess of the data Allowance.
  3. A credit card is needed to setup a “Gopherit” account and each month we will debit the monthly access fee plus any additional data charges. Each week we will send you e-mail detailing the data used so you will always know what is happening with your data usage.